I Miss Our Situationship. Whatever We Were, I Miss It. And I Miss You. Yes, I’m Bitter.


We were never actually anything. But you made me feel so special. You made me become attached to you and then you started telling me that I was clingy. You told me that you thought about me a lot and that you really had feelings for me. Then the texts between you and I started becoming less and less frequent. The conversations I stayed up until 2AM having with you became the small talk we made every two weeks. The worst part was feeling myself drift away from you and knowing there was nothing to stop it.

I blocked you on Instagram because it pained me to see a stranger I used to be so attached to. A few months have gone by and you’ve started to cross my mind less and less. The other day your name randomly came into my mind and I looked at your Facebook. You’re in a relationship with a girl who seems like a true sweetheart. At least you had the courage to ask her out. I’m still here. And I’m still bitter because I wish I could be her right now. I’m still here and I want to text you and see how you are. I want to just send a simple “Hey,” but I don’t know if you’ve actually moved on.

I just want to know if you ever think about me. I guess I just wish I could have seen what we could’ve become. If we officially dated and broke up I would be at peace. But I guess we’re always going to be something that could’ve been but didn’t. I miss you. Even though I know we were never really anything.

image: Moyan_Brenn