I Moved Cross Country To Be With A Man Who Turned Out To Be A Stranger

I would do anything for you. I cook, I clean, and I get dressed up everyday. I spend time with your family every weekend when mine is many miles away. I don’t ask for much. I ask for more sex, and the occasional weekend alone since we work very hard and barely get quality time alone, other than some TV time during the week, and eating dinner together when you are in town.

I wish I could selfishly ask you to make and keep plans with me. I would like to feel like a priority just once. You count going somewhere for a cheap crappy meal where I typically end up paying as a date.  It is not even close. If I try to cuddle at night when we watch TV, you get cranky. Sex feels transactional. You say that you are too busy to plan; yet your friends and family can mention something to you and you immediately commit to whatever they want to do.

What happened to the guy that I fell in love with? The guy who was sincere and followed through with what he said? What happened to the guy that I moved halfway across the country to be with? I left my friends, family, and an amazing job, just to be with you. I feel like I was duped into falling for someone you are not. All those trips to see each other ended up being trips to see a stranger compared to who you are now. I have to say I hate you. I hate what we have become, and I can’t wait until I save up enough money that I can just leave while you are out of town working.

image- …love Maegan