I Pray For A Serious Car Accident. I Want A Drunk Driver To Take Me Out.

A bunch of fakes.  Surrounded by a bunch of fake ass liars and false teeth.  I wish I could knock their fake white smiles right off their faces.  They pretend to like me, but I know better.  I don’t care.  I’ll just keep acting like the f_+king servant they want.  Sh+t, like they said at dinner, my food likes are lowbrow.  Screw off you entitled f_+k. If it weren’t for me you’d be dead in a snowbank or cracked up on the floor.  I’ll be fine.  I haven’t had any real friends since I was about 12, and even then I’m not really sure. People not liking me doesn’t bother me.

I hope I drop dead in the snow, because no one would be able to function without my work.  Dead would be perfect.  No one would give a sh+t anyway.  Not the haters that will troll all over this post, and not my so-called friends and family.  I don’t have anyone.  I made the effort for today: cards, candy, love…and I got nothing back except guilt. “Oh, you’re so much better at this than I am.”  WTF?!!! REALLY?!!  I’m hardly romantic, but I can remember that February means I’ve got to buy sh+t.  Face it, no one wants me, I’m a f*&king loser, and f+_k off to those of you that say sh+tty things.  I hope you feel good about the sh+tty comments you make when people want to die.

No one cares about me, just like a lot of people in this world who are lonely and unwanted. I am them and it will never change. No matter how much I open my heart, no matter how much I let people know I care, I am sh+t.  I hope I’m dead by the end of this week.  My partner is so out of it that she won’t be able to schedule or pay for a funeral, so I’ll probably get cremated and left in a plastic bag or a shoebox.  She cares more about the shoes, so plastic it is.  She’ll have to borrow money to have me cooked.  We don’t have anything.  We can’t support ourselves.  No one gives a sh+t about “us” as a couple…because of me I guess.  I pray for a serious car accident.  I pray to be the one a drunk driver takes out,  just so someone nice doesn’t have to be ruined. I don’t even dream anymore.  There’s nothing happy for me.  Counting the days until I drop dead.

image- gtall1