I Put Laxative In A Batch Of Brownies To Punish A Food Thief

Over fifteen years ago I worked for a Heating and Air conditioning supply company.  It was a warehouse and sales counter combined in one building.  Behind the sales counter were offices, and one of them was converted into our lunchroom.  It was simple: A refrigerator, a table, and chairs.

Twice a week we received a delivery from our distribution center in Baltimore.  The delivery driver typically came by our location to drop off product at around 3 or 4AM.  We opened our doors for business at 7AM.

On more than one occasion when we took a break for lunch we noticed items missing.  It began with an apple disappearing, and then perhaps a cup of pudding or a fruit cup.  We knew good and well that the delivery driver was the culprit because no one else had access to our building.

We kept fresh deli meat on hand so we could make sandwiches, so there was a loaf of bread in our lunchroom as well.  One particular day after we had sat down for lunch and were preparing to make a sandwich, my boss noticed that the last two slices of bread were gone.  Needless to say, he was pissed off because we had no time to go out to the store for more bread.  We were a very busy sales operation and had customers coming in constantly.  On this day the boss didn’t get to eat his lunch at all.

I had been telling my wife about what had been going on at work and she jokingly told me about a laxative her grandmother had on hand in years past.  I’ll never forget, it was called Black Draught.

Well, during my travels into southern Virginia and West Virginia, I happened to find some of this laxative in an old country store.  You know where this story is going don’t you?  I had my wife make me a “special” pan of fudge brownies, and I casually put them in our refrigerator at work.  Sure enough, the very next time we received a delivery from our driver, two of the brownies were missing.

We just laughed and proceeded to call one of our other company locations a couple of hours later to check and see what shape the delivery driver was in when he arrived at their store to drop off products for their warehouse.  As it turned out, he did make the delivery to the other warehouse.  However, he was three hours late getting there.

Hmmm.  Must have been because we read the label wrong on the laxative and added four times the recommended dose.  Funny thing, we never had any more missing food from our lunchroom.

Have a nice day….lol.

image- hey tiffany!