I Raised Your “Affair Baby” & I’m Paying YOU Alimony?! F_+k You Skank B+tch!

I hate your skank ass.

I can’t believe how stupid I was, and now I can’t believe how much I hate you. From the moment I met you, you lied and connived. There is nothing about you that was or is real.

When we were engaged, you left me to babysit your kids while you “tied up legal loose ends” with your first husband. In reality, you were f%^king his brains out in the backseat of my car.

After we were married we moved to a new town. You worked second shift so we wouldn’t need a sitter. In reality, you were banging a co-worker.

Later, we moved to a new house an hour away. You invited the guy you were banging to our new house to help me with plumbing. In reality, you THOUGHT you could get me drunk and bang him at our house. Which you clearly did, because you got pregnant that month. Hard to argue since I am STERILE.

Then we moved to a new state. You would leave our house in the middle of the night to bang the next door neighbor. His mother caught you. Then, you abandoned the oldest child after you cleaned out our bank account and left me while I was traveling for work. You left him with the same guy next door who you were banging. After coming home and demanding a divorce, you quickly changed your mind when all the kids decided they wanted to stay with me. The day after they told you this you tried to kill yourself by taking all your anti-depressants (30 days worth) at one time. In front of the boy you abandoned!

When she had no place else to go, I let your drug addicted alcoholic sister stay with us. Gave her a room, allowance, and provided everything she needed. I had to lock the bedroom and bathroom to keep her drunk ass sore covered self away from me. She kept trying to blow me or bang me whenever you were out banging your friends at work. She cut her wrists and bled all over the house. When her psychotic ass finally ran away, I lit a candle. And when she died, I paid for her funeral.

When the youngest child, the product of your affair, turned 18, I divorced your ass. You demanded and got half of my military pension you cheating skank!!!

After the divorce you married your third husband, who is now in jail for bank robbery.

After you divorced the third for being a bank robber, you married your fourth; a convicted registered sexual predator.

After the divorce you told the kids I banged your sister and had affairs every time I went on the road for work. In reality, I was out making the money that provided for you, that you spent on banging other guys. I have the “son” to prove it. I never had sex outside our marriage. And the only time I would have sex with you is when I wanted to hurt you. I never hit you, though people were told I did. I will admit to screwing you so hard, so long, and so rough, that I would leave teeth marks, remove wads of your hair, and leave your @sshole bleeding. You thought it was how I liked it, and you actually wanted to cuddle after. I was trying to kill you with my penis.

I adopted the kids that your ex and your sister did not want.

I raised your b+stard child like I was his real father.

I stayed through all your sh_t so they would have two parents in the house.

I put you through college.

And I pay over $1,000 a month to be free of you.

Here is the irony: Now the kids have little if anything to do with me. Largely because of your lies, and the fact that your current husband knows I am inclined to rip him to shreds if he touches the grandkids. I see the grandkids for an average of 45 minutes a year, and they live 20 minutes from my house. They stay at your house on weekends. I don’t get to keep them for an hour. Your skanky-ass and your sexual predator husband get to see the kids. A lot.

I am cutting them off after 9 years of this. I did nothing wrong. You were a high maintenance, cheating, lying, psycho b+tch. But you get all the privilege.

I hate you.

image- photodonny