I Spilled My Guts To You & You Could Care Less. Go F**k Yourself You B*st*rd.

You asked me what was wrong with me, and I trusted you enough to be vulnerable with you and text you in detail what was wrong. Your response was, “OK.” Then you talked about yourself and your stupid f**king bus ride.

It’s like, “F**ktard, did you not just read the muthaf**kin’ text that I just sent you?” Don’t you think that I need a hug emoji or some sort of muthaf**kin’ affection from your big dumb*ss? Like, why the f**k would you just say “Ok,” and then talk about yourself and ignore me? Muthaf**ka, I listen to you all day every day talk about yourself, your stupid f**kin’ friends, your job, your family, your coworkers, your ex’s f**kin’ dog, and the TV movies you watch. I even put up with the constant b*llsh*t you spew, and your constant correcting of me. I give you all of my f**kin’ attention and affection, and I get f**kin’ crumbs from you. You know what you stupid f**k? It’s alright! F**k you, you narcissistic b*st*rd, cause I’m f**kin’ done! Go f**k yourself!

image: Cristiano Betta