I Stalk Your Social Media Each Day And Am Relieved When The Women You Add Are Ugly

I stalk your social media every day to see which new females you’re adding.  I then sigh in relief if none of them are attractive.  When I spot the slutty looking ones I get upset.  I start imagining how you may have met and if you’re sleeping together.  I stalk your friends and family to get any clue as to how you’re doing. My rational mind knows this behavior is pathetic and unhealthy, but I keep doing it.

I miss you so much, but you won’t contact me.  I tried breaking the ice after our fight and you acted like seeing you was a favor to me.  Just knowing I was going to see you made me feel so alive, but then I’d leave and not hear from you again and feel like sh+t.  I stopped texting because I knew if I didn’t, you wouldn’t bother.  I was right.  I haven’t heard from you in weeks, and I know deep down I won’t hear from you unless I text you first or you need something.  I even offered to buy you dinner, and you left me hanging.  I cut you off because I felt used and I wanted more.  Now I’d give anything to hear from you, even if it’s because you just need a favor as usual.  No one knows I’m like this over you.  They would never believe it.

image- Jeffrey