I Support You, I Pay Your Bills, I Sponsor Your Alcoholism, Why Am I Not Important To You?

Why am I not important to you?  I work two jobs to support you and pay the bills, while you’re in paradise drinking it all away halfway across the world.  I’ve loved you through the accusations and torment.  I’ve supported you when you were low.  My health is fading because I cannot rest for fear something will happen to you if I can’t help.  Why then is everything else more important?  Alcohol, drugs, other people that want to lure you and reel you in.  When did my feelings stop mattering so much that you place theirs above mine and drink the money away so I can’t come home to you?  You swore we could do this.  WE could, if you would try.  I cannot.  Not without your help.  It’s your turn to do something.

image: Charlie W