I Was 6mo Preggo W/ Our Son & You Left Me Stranded. Asshole.

I had a dream last night that somehow provoked a memory today.  Do you remember when I was six months pregnant with our son and I was coming home from the doctor (out of town) and had car trouble? I ended up in the parking lot of an abandoned store, and because I was not from that area and didn’t have anyone to help me, I called you for help.  Instead of helping me, you said, “I’m at work so I can’t do anything to help you.” Hmm, I think your boss would’ve understood that you couldn’t leave me stranded, but IDK, maybe he’s an asshole like you.  So yeah, about that day. No, I have never forgotten or forgiven you for that.  I had a very difficult pregnancy, and I needed you! WTF?! You didn’t even care if I made it home or not. I needed you.

image- emilio labrador