I Was Asked To Leave My Gym Because My Size 0 Body Offended The Curvier Patrons.

I wish I had curves. I’m tired of being body shamed for being a size zero.  I’m sick of all the harassment I get from curvy women. I have been asked to leave my gym because my body offends the curvy clients. I have been banished to workout in my basement, and have resorted to wearing loose clothing just to keep people from noticing me. I can’t go shopping without someone giving me a dirty look, or telling me to eat a cheeseburger, or to go see a doctor and stop being anorexic. I know that our society values my stick thin figure, but I have honestly come to hate it. I can’t gain weight no matter how much I eat, or workout. Every day is a personal struggle for me, and on more than one occasion I have been publicly humiliated by women who believe that I perpetuate their daughter’s low self-esteem, and that I promote eating disorders. Many people these days die to be thin, when in reality it’s a lose-lose situation. Nobody escapes body shaming.

image- …love Maegan