I Will Never Be Able To See Right Out Of My Left Eye Because You Beat Me. B_st_rd.

I’ve been with you for years. Through it all. Taken it all. Every bit of your lashing out was directed towards me. The yelling, the cussing, the pushing, the choking, the cheating, and the constant anger that you said you brought with you into this relationship. Constant battering, yet always wanting me to do for you, and do for you, but for what? So you can say I’m still not cutting it? You used my honesty against me, you used my love against me, and you held my life over my head. Before I met you I was strong-minded, independent, and happy. It has taken you twelve years to break me.

Now I have your girls. We are alone, and you still want me to do for you to make your life easy. F_ck us and our feelings, as long as you are happy. Right?! And the sh_tty part of it all is that I still love you. They miss you, but you don’t care until you’re trying to hurt me with their affection, or screwing up my plans so you can be super dad for a few hours. You’re sh_t. You’re useless without us, and you still call crying about it, but your lazy ass is too blind to change for your girls and me.

You act like you’re some honorable man that does right by women, but you never did. All you did was beat me up and then b_tch about guys that beat women up. I’m sad to see you like this. All broken because I thought I could fix you, but you don’t care enough to fix yourself. Maybe one day you will pull your head out your ass and see how you f_ck our lives up. Or maybe you’ll just get another DWI and go to jail for longer this time. Either way, you f_cked up lives, and now my girls need a male role model in their lives and there isn’t one.

I never did you wrong, never cheated on you, and never wanted to. I had tons of chances, but I really loved you. So why f_ck with my heart? Just because I was hurt or mad? Besides, you would probably kill me, and my girls would be stuck with you forever. And your whiney manipulative b_tch ass is always begging for attention, and they deserve better. You though deserve a life of bad luck and lonely hell. My body is still f_cked up from the beatings I took. I probably will never be able to see right out of my left eye. But hey, I bet you call me when you can’t find your socks or you need some bill paid and you can’t find the number.

All I wanted was love from you. Being a sexy woman, as I know I am, because all your friends would say it and stare, you lost in this one. I hope the next girl you get puts your ass in jail for a long ass time. F_ck child support too. We can do it alone if you don’t get to hit me or any other woman while their kids watch.

image- wanderingone