I Wish A Big Man Would Beat You The Way You Beat Me. Coward.

Where should I start? Your anger is out of control! If you don’t get what you want you blow up and say, “No one is there fore me, and no one cares to help me.” Grow up!! You’re a man (or supposed to be one anyway). How many times do you think people will be there for you when you are never there for anyone else? Your own parents suffer because of your selfishness!

You’re a sad excuse of a man! You’re willing to put yourself and your needs above the needs of your own child! You’re abusive. Mentally and physically!  You wonder why you were charged, and you blame me for charging you! Grow up! Plain and simple, if you put your hands on me I will have you arrested. If you threaten me, I will not answer your calls. If you attempt to extort me for money, I will not tolerate it! You are a sad excuse of a man and you should be ashamed of yourself!

I feel sorry for your parents. You have made those two people so sick and tired of you that they just live life everyday praying for you, because speaking to you is just pointless! It doesn’t take an idiot to figure out that if you keep breaking the law you will eventually get caught. Someone needs to show you what it’s like when you hold me down and punch the hell out of me. Someone your own size who isn’t afraid of you. God help this man please. Or at least help me to get away from him.

image- Chris Yarzab