I Work With The Dumbest B+tch Ever. She’s Also Rude AF. #FML

So, I work with a petty snobby b+tch who was causing me all sorts of anxiety because she was always talking sh+t about our boss who is wonderful. This stupid whore can’t do a damn thing right and makes huge mistakes. One of her mistakes caused a $65,000 error, and yet her @ss still hasn’t been fired. I have helped her in so many ways, but all she can do is talk sh+t about me.

She f+cks things up. After she attempts to correct her f+ck ups while still f+cking up, I am assigned her tasks because my boss knows that I will get the damn job done. She hates that I get her work, even though my boss has valid reasons for giving me her workload. However, when my boss gives me her work, my work plate overflows, and my work starts to take a hit. Let’s not even discuss how much stress this workload and drama is causing me.

She wanted a certain position and a certain work schedule, and because of a medical issue with another employee, she got it.  I hate that she has the worst attitude on our team, and yet she got what she wanted. WHY WAS SHE REWARDED FOR BEING A B+TCH AND A F+CK UP? I am doing great with my job, and I keep getting new opportunities and raises.  She hates that I’m doing well, so she started making my life difficult by b+tching about any tiny mistake that I make. My boss knows this and still won’t do anything about it. I have had it with her, and I won’t even talk to her anymore. I can’t understand how she still has a job, and why I still have to deal with her.

Oh, and I should also mention that she is cheating on her husband with a co-worker.  She’s been cheating on her husband for the past year, but she won’t leave her husband because she can’t afford to live with her boyfriend. She also makes it very known that she is materialistic and shallow. So, she’s an all-around ugly soul and I can’t stand her. I am trying my damnedest not to stoop to her level, but it would be SO EASY and so satisfying.

image- ~Pawsitive~Candie_N