I’d Poison You If I Could, And I Won’t Shed A Tear When You Die

I wish I never met you.  I hate you now for all the horrible and ugly things that spew out of your mouth, especially when you’ve been drinking.  You’re a selfish, childish, immature, materialistic, asshole.  I have unfortunately let myself linger in this hell, day in and day out.  I wish I had the financial ability to walk away from you and never see your ugly face again.  Because we have a daughter together I have sucked up a lot and tolerated more.  I am terrified my daughter will never marry because of the model of a relationship we have shown her.  Or worse yet, find someone like YOU.  I need out.  I feel like I’m dead here.  I get so angry at you, that if I wasn’t afraid of damaging my daughter or going to jail, I would poison you.  I don’t think I’ll even shed a tear when you die.  I HATE YOU.  I hate what this is.  And I hate that you point out every little dime you spend.  It’s YOUR house, it’s YOUR car, it’s YOUR money.  Shove it up your ass.  You’re going to die an angry, selfish, lonely man. Good.

image- Jug Jones