If I Never Cleaned Your Workstation, Our Office Would Have Mice. You Nasty B*t*h.


You STANKY @SS amazon woman b*t*h! Your @ss smells like rotted bologna and formaldehyde! You took a dump (and it’s definitely a dump because you’re a garbage disposal) and had two kids! How did that go down? Did he just close his eyes and take a running start to find that germ infested roast beef looking pu**y? You’re fake, you’re a follower, and you’re disgusting. And I gotta smell your sh*t every fucking day?! There are crumbs all over your workstation. If I never cleaned up after your lazy @ss we would probably have mice! I spray your workstation with disinfectant for my own health every time you leave. You don’t even wash your hands! How do I know? Because I put soap in our bathroom, and it’s dusty and untouched, you nasty f**king b*tch! F**k off heifer.

image: Editor B