If Mike Brown Were My Child, I’d Want To Burn That Bitch Down Too! #HandsUp

The police in Ferguson and New York are the same as the police in San Francisco and Tampa. In all cities there are corrupt police, good police, police who use excessive force, and those who try too hard to help. I truly believe that more and more we hear of the ones who are letting their power get to their heads. Yes, the policeman in Ferguson should have used a Taser so Mike Brown could be held accountable for his actions of robbing the store. But he didn’t. He pulled his deadly weapon instead, on an unarmed teen, that may have been big in stature, but was still a child making a grievous error.

My own MIL told me to get a clue when I showed my support for Mike Brown’s family. She says if it were a black cop who killed a white kid, there would be no rioting, no looting, and no news coverage. She is what’s wrong with society, and all others that feel that way. I would want to Burn the Bitch down too if it were my child. That community came together in support of their own. Rioting and protesting is often needed for authorities to take notice. A revolting of the people to make things change. And now the President has noticed, and is taking action by implementing body cameras for police officers.

People who sit on their asses and stand for nothing irritate me. If more people would show support for, and protest and riot certain issues, there would be change. Instead, they are content sitting back and making judgmental comparisons. Do something. #HandsUp

image- World Can’t Wait