If You No Longer Love Me, Ignore My Tears, And Send Me Back To Those Who Love Me

Where did you go?  Where did the sweet wonderful man I once knew go?  You act like you haven’t changed.  You act as though you are oblivious to my feelings when we were once so in tune.  We used to be able to read what the other person was thinking.  I remember the fun times we had.  The love that was there.  Now you merely act like being around me is enough. 

You act as though being in your presence for the short amount of time that we get together is enough.  The going out just you and I no longer exists.  The sharing secrets between you and I no longer happens.  All I want is the man I love.  The man that made me feel special.  The man that shared the same interests.  The man who looked forward to seeing me or talking to me on the phone.  The guy who would text me at random times of the day just to see how my day was going.

I know that since moving in things have become more comfortable.  That doesn’t mean we need to lose what made us love each other in the first place.  We used to be random and have fun.  Everything has become a routine.  I know that is also part of growing up, but can’t we include some of the fun that we once had?  I love you and to get you to say it is like pulling teeth from a crocodile.  If you no longer feel the way you did, then set me free.  Ignore my tears and send me back to those who love me.

image- roberthuffstutter