If You Ruin My Relationship, I’ll Ruin Yours. Please Don’t Test Me.

It’s sad to me that you went behind my back and told another friend that you don’t like my boyfriend for reasons that you’ve made up in your head, and that you’ll stop at nothing to ruin our relationship, and that you’ll stop me from moving in with him.  It’s not enough that you know that I love him, but you haven’t even once asked me if he’s good to us, or if we’re happy.

You created this idea that he’s an abuser who’s on drugs and that he must be forcing me to move, and you never even bothered to ask me why we’re moving.  Did you ever think that maybe I’m moving to find much better opportunities for my son and for myself?  You’re willing to ruin all of our lives, have my boyfriend thrown in jail, have us lose our home, have my son taken away, and have me lose my job, all because you don’t want to see me with someone that you think is lazy?

If you do these things and ruin my relationship, I will hate myself for it, but I will call your pregnant wife and tell her how you f*cked my other friend and were in love with her. I will also tell your wife how you were thinking about leaving her for my friend.  I know this because my friend tells me everything and I saw the texts.  I love you like a brother, but if you maliciously do this, I will retaliate.  And if you take that step, we are definitely no longer friends.  But you don’t even know that I know what you’re planning, because you said these things to someone else and not to me.

image- Elijah van der Giessen