I’m 17 & Raise My 5 Siblings. My Mom Can’t Even Pour Them A Bowl Of Cereal.

I work at McDonald’s and haul ass working overtime because $8 per hour isn’t enough to pay the bills. She stays home, and spends her time picking at her phone, and hardly ever picks up a broom. I get home, tired and hungry, and just like that is how I whip up a meal and clean the house. Due to the fact that there are 5 kids, ranging from 14 to 1 years of age in my family, I hardly get to eat because they eat everything I make. I don’t blame them for eating so much; or rather get mad at them. How could I? I’d be hungry too if I hadn’t eaten from the moment I woke up.

I put my life aside to make sure the 5 kids and her have a good one. And she can’t even pour them a bowl of cereal. I haven’t seen my friends in ages cause of school, work, and time spent taking care of children that she seems to have given up on. Tonight, she’s going out to the theater with her boyfriend. I’m staying home with the kids. I’m 17, she’s 37. I call her mom, but f++king sh+t, it seems so ironic.

image- pabak sarkar