I’m A 45 Year Old Widow. The Longer I’m Single, The More Miserable Become. Sigh.

My husband passed away 5 years ago. He was only 42. I was 40. We were very happily married for 20 years. I didn’t date for a while, but now that I have been, it’s been nothing but disastrous. I’ve had 3 “relationships.” Each lasted about 6 months. All 3 men were so sweet and kind at first and told me how amazing I was or how much they loved me. They all said they wanted to get serious. Right up until they dumped me for no reason.

Each one of them said the same thing. They don’t know what happened, “it” just wasn’t there anymore. Literally just like that with no cause at all. No fights or anything. The first 2 were surprising, but I got over it. But the last guy was just different, and I thought we really connected. We had so much in common and made each other laugh all the time. I felt 100% comfortable with him. I never saw it coming. I was crushed, and six months later it still hurts just as much.

I’m not a knockout, but I’m cute and am told all the time I look ten years younger than I am. I’m a good person, giving, funny, and fun to be with. I honestly don’t understand what happened, and he even said he didn’t know why but just knew. I really never thought I’d still be single 5 years later. The longer I am, the more miserable I am. I miss having that kind of connection with someone, and I’ve really lost all hope I’ll ever find it again.

image- daveparker