I’m A Junkie. My Alcoholic Abuser Is My Drug Of Choice. I Need Rehab.

I’m laying here alone tonight because I told you I was bored, so I went to the neighbor’s while I waited for you to get off work. We both know you did that so you could stay at your mother’s house and drink your dad’s whiskey. You made me look like a bth so you could drink. It goes deeper than that though. You have blacked my eye more than once, beat me with a chair, the fan, broke my ribs, and busted my lip… more than once. You choke me on a regular basis. You use my fear of you to control me.

I should be in Florida with my daughter by now, but I chose to wait for you to be able to come. You call me degrading names and cut me down. I’m so stupid to even miss you. I should be glad you didn’t come home, because you only do these things when you’re drunk. All of my and your friends say, “She loves you,”and, “You got a good one, don’t mess this up, and don’t let her get away, or let her go.” WHAT HURTS IS…you are the most kind, gentle, greatest man ever, when you don’t drink!!! You make me feel so good, you love on me, compliment me, do sweet things for me, and you even leave me lil love notes. You just make me feel so whole and complete. I’m so lost 🙁

I can’t picture my live without you!!! Why can’t you see just how bad the alcohol makes you?? You would be here tonight, never would have hurt me, and I never would have to walk around all bruised and beat up in pain. You used to kiss away my tears, but tonight you’re the cause?! Why do you let alcohol have so much power over you? I get it now. You’re my alcohol. I’m just as addicted to you as you are to it. Time to cry myself to sleep.  And tomorrow when you get home, we both know I won’t say a word. Why? Because you’re my drug. I THINK I NEED REHAB 🙁

image- Johan Larsson