I’m A Non-Delusional Fatty Currently Losing Weight. Therefore, I’m An Expert On Health. Listen To Me!

Before I start I am going to say that I am a fat ass. I used to be skinny, but now I am 170lbs. I have lost weight, I have changed my lifestyle, and the weight is now coming off slowly. I know what it’s like to be fat and unhappy, but I’ve also never had any delusions about it. I freely admit that I got myself here, and I know that I am the only person that can get this weight off of me.  I’m doing it. I figured it out. Watch calories, eat healthy-ish, no sodas, very little refined sugar, and exercise.  It’s not really hard; it’s just getting the motivation up to do and be better.

So this girl I went to high school with, her husband is having a lot of trouble right now and they can’t figure it out. He’s having seizures and they can’t figure out why. Then she says, “He had a bunch of mini-strokes.” Well, there’s the answer. I’ve lived with epilepsy for 20 years. I’ve done research, talked to people, and I feel like I am pretty knowledgeable on the subject. He is hugely fat. So is she. They eat things like Cheetos fried chicken. Gross. I’m fat and I wouldn’t touch that. He’s a heart attack waiting to happen, but instead of a heart attack, he has mini-strokes. Weakness in the arteries caused by high blood pressure. Strokes can lead to, you guessed it, seizures. He. Needs. To. Lose. Weight. It’s not rocket science. When you weigh 400lbs things are going to start going wrong. I just don’t get how the doctors don’t see it and how my friends don’t see it.

My memaw started randomly passing out for no reason. They tried to say she was having seizures and they put her on seizure medicine. She smokes a lot and she is getting up there in years. It’s her blood pressure again, but the medicine they are giving her is making her really lightheaded and sick all the time, causing her to fall. She’s super healthy, besides the smokes, but come on! She needs to quit smoking and get off the seizure meds and go on blood pressure meds. She barely eats and smokes like a freight train, exhausts herself in her garden on a regular basis, has a very active social life, plus she helps my aunt in her restaurant. She is smart and strong but just can’t see that the cigs are going to kill her much earlier than what would occur naturally.

image: Fashionby He