I’m Crying Because My Firstborn Died. What Don’t You Get About That?

I’m lying in bed next to you crying my eyes out, but all you can do is shush me for disturbing your sleep. On top of just a generally sh+tty day, I get told to stop moping around so that I won’t ruin your daughter’s special day. Having the guy that you met online come over isn’t exactly cause for everyone around to alter their lives to “celebrate.”

If you would stop to think for five seconds, you might realize that maybe your walking-talking ATM is moping around because today is the anniversary of the day she woke up from a six-week coma, only to be told that the baby she was carrying inside of her was now ashes inside the cute bunny figurine on her hospital cart. 

And now, on top of mourning the loss of her firstborn, she is facing thirteen months of inpatient rehab to relearn how to perform the most basic day-to-day functions. But you know what? It’s fine. Enjoy your precious sleep, because there is someone quite amazing that has no problem losing a bit of sleep to comfort me and make sure that I am okay. Sleep tight.

image- broken.lights