I’m Done Being Nice To B*tches That Bully Me. It’s Time To F**k Sh*t Up!


I am so tired of being bullied. If you’ve ever had something that just keeps happening to you, and it goes on for so long that it doesn’t affect you anymore, then you know the numbness I feel. I can’t even cry anymore. I block these girls on everything, yet they always post about me, making jokes about me. They even made fun of me for losing my virginity when I dated a boy who eventually cheated on me with one of them. They all have lots of followers, and there’s five or six of them that do this. I’m so so tired of being the better person. I don’t want to kill them with kindness or turn the other cheek anymore. I want to destroy their lives and make them feel my pain ten-fold.

image- iluvcocacola