I’m Done With You, Your Brokeness, And Your B*llsh*t. F**ker!

I can’t believe I have wasted so much time with you, but here we are. Eight years and a baby later. What did I ever do to you for you to treat me like sh*t? I know. I was too supportive, both emotionally and financially!

I would never speak to you the way that you speak to me.  I now believe that you ruined my relationships with my friends because they were not blinded by your bllsht! I think the reason you changed your phone number is because you were talking to other b*tches and decided that you might want to love me again.  I asked you why you changed your number, and you said it was because people were playing on your phone. I told you that you never mentioned that people were playing on your phone, and you told me that it’s none of my business because I don’t pay your phone bill! That is about the only bill I don’t pay!

You have not worked for an entire month, and you have switched jobs four times in the last month alone. Your work history, or lack thereof, shows that the problem is you and not me. I am done being used, and I am done being mentally and verbally abused.

I feel sorry for our son. He is not going to understand why you will no longer be here!  But in a couple of months (when all three of us were supposed to move), the only person moving with me to my new residence will be our son. You will have to figure it out! You can leave with what you came with! Three suitcases. Good luck f**ker!

image- judy dean