I’m Finally Done W/ You. You Lying, Cheating, Worthless, Piece Of Sh*t. F**k You!


I hate that I’ve wasted nine years of my life with you. I hate that you got me pregnant at sixteen and promised that you would be a family man and take care of your child! I now take care of our six-year-old all by myself while you decide when to contribute the bare minimum to our household. I work two jobs to support myself and our daughter. You’re ungrateful and want to be treated like a king, but you don’t do anything worthy of respect!

You made me abort two pregnancies! Thank God I didn’t continue to think that more kids with you would make you step up, but I wanted my babies, and you pressured me into aborting them! You didn’t have a problem shoving $400 in my face for abortions, but getting you to cough up $30 towards groceries is like pulling teeth. I hate you for telling me I’m a bad mother because I don’t want to continue this dead-end relationship with you! I’m apparently a hoe and the worst female ever for wanting to move on with my life!

You’re good for nothing! I was so young, dumb, and naïve. And now I’m ready to leave you alone forever. I took you back time and time again, you lying, cheating, worthless, piece of sh*t. I should have left you alone after you cheated on me while I was sick in the hospital. You f**king asshole. You are an insensitive b*st*rd!!! Just hoping and praying I can continue to be a great mother. I will be better without you. The love is gone. Goodbye. And f**k you!

image- liquene