I’m Gonna Stop Complaining & Be Thankful For What And Who I Am

This is a vent about me, and what I consider to be problems and complaints in my life.  I’m ashamed to say that in my “small” world, I complain about my everyday issues, because that’s what I know.  I enjoy and also feel saddened sometimes when I read the vents, and see ALL that some folks go through. My “minor” complaints are sometimes nothing compared to what others are dealing with on a daily basis.  I find the majority of the comments to be supportive towards people’s daily challenges, and consider it a blessing that there are many who have genuine concern for others and what they experience just trying to make it through life.  So today, my vent is that I need to stop complaining, and be thankful and appreciative for what and who I am.

-A New York Gal

image: jennie-o