I’m Heartbroken That Your Wedding Will Be Everything I Wanted For Mine

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You were my best friend growing up. It was always one-sided though. I always came to visit you. You never came to visit me. Now that we’re older, we’re both engaged. I don’t have a family, not that it’s your fault. But now planning our weddings has become a disaster because with my lack of family (none), my wedding will be small and intimate. You insist on having a big ceremony with all of your friends there. You don’t realize that I have social anxiety due to the fact that my parents were hostile growing up. I won’t get to experience half of the things you get to do with your family for your wedding, and that’s very painful for me. However, it doesn’t bother you. You just keep insisting on everything that you want, and it really makes me just want to die realizing how blessed some people were with good families.

image- bruce.bentley