I’m In A Decent Relationship, But I Can’t Let Go Of My Abusive Alcoholic Ex Hubby.

I am 9 months into a relationship with a decent man. However, I either can’t or won’t let go of my ex-husband.  I left him in 2005.  It wasn’t because I didn’t love him.  I honestly feel he is my once in a lifetime.  I left him because he is an alcoholic and he was emotionally and verbally abusive.

We were separated for almost 4 years before I was convinced to divorce him.  Over the years we have lived in separate houses and still carried an on and off relationship.  We would miss each other; try to make it work, and fall apart.  Nothing ever changes.  I want to let go and allow myself to love this new man completely. I just don’t know if I can imagine my life without my ex.

image- lsengardt