I’m Never Dating Again, Because I Never Want To Be Hurt Again.

How did he get to me this much? I had been in a relationship for six months, he had cheated for one whole month, but I forgave him. Then, he liked another girl, and I forgave him. Then, he dumped me because there were TWO other girls. He was an angel in my eyes.

No matter what he did, I always forgave him when he told me that he “loved” me, or when he told me that I was “beautiful.” I feel like an idiot. I guess him dumping me was a wakeup call. It broke my heart into a million pieces. Especially since he was dumping me for other girls. He promised me that, “Nothing but the wrath of God,” could pull him away from me. And then, just like that, he dropped me.

I don’t know how long I cried, or how many times I had to stop myself from trying to get him back. He was a jerk, but he was also the first guy I ever actually got the guts to say, “I love you” to. It’s been awhile since he broke up with me, and my friends are trying to get me “back on the market.” But I don’t want to be back on the market. I’m scared. I don’t want to hurt like that again… ever. I’ve never hurt that much, and there was nothing anyone could do to stop my pain. It just hurt. I never ever want to feel that again, so I’m scared to enter a new relationship because I don’t want to feel that way again.

image- b_lumenkraft