I’m Not “Black Enough” Because I Enunciate, Don’t Wear Jordans, Nor Watch BET? FOH.

So recently I read another Vent Letter about a girl not liking being black, and that she wished she was white. I remember reading that and thinking I could relate to that. Growing up, and even now sometimes, I’ve always been teased and harassed by other black people because of how I dress, talk, or what I like to listen to. I went to a family reunion once, and a relative asked me “Why you talk like a white person?” It’s been this way most of my life. I don’t know the lyrics to the latest “Lil So & So” song, or Beyonce song, and suddenly I’m not “black enough.” Well, I’m sorry that I like Classical, Pop, Rock, and Alternative music better than Rap and R&B, that I have never owned a pair of Jordans, that BET is not on my list of favorite channels, that I like to wear Rock inspired jewelry, clothing, and hair, and that I like to enunciate my words. I know all black people aren’t like this, because I’m not like that. But to the ones who give me hassle, you can kindly sit and spin on my middle finger.

image- quinet