I’m Not Perfect, But I’m A Damn Good Woman! And You’re Pushing Me Away? SMH.

I am so sick and f//king tired of working a full-time job and you can’t even get your sh+t together to keep one for a f//king month before quitting…AGAIN!!  It’s NOW Christmas and we have three kids. THANKS!  I’m tired of the excuses….

I’m tired of being accused of cheating because I work with mostly males.  I can’t help that I HAVE TO WORK OR WE ARE HOMELESS!!  I’m tired of being your punching bag every time things don’t go the way YOU think they should.  SH*T HAPPENS. OK?  I’m tired of being yelled at because your family doesn’t help with ANYTHING unless they are getting something.  I’m tired of your family’s excuses for being assholes.  Look, bad things happened to me too growing up, BUT I CHOOSE TO MAKE LIFE CHANGES, and not constantly use my past as an excuse to be selfish like your family and YOU!! 

You want me to initiate sex after a long day at work, and then I come home to yelling and your unhappiness with everything.  Constant b+tching and rambling on and on and on and on. And you wonder why I don’t feel like slipping on crotchless panties and strutting in front of you, or giving you a BJ on demand when you whip it out!  Sorry. All I ask for is a simple kiss or just a hug to make me feel wanted. Put me in the mood sometimes. But no, like everything else, I have to do it.  Yes, I tell you what I want. I’m not asking for Magic Mike or anything, just simple affection. But that’s asking too much. And we are not in high school anymore. Really? I didn’t know there was an age limit on kisses and hugs.  Ok, I put in all the effort and you sit back with all your shortcomings and allow our kids to see this…thanks.

I don’t go out with my friends. I don’t blow money. I work and come home. I cut my own hair, and do my own mani-pedis to save money.  I’ve been promoted, gotten raises and bonuses, but I have to ASK YOU IF YOU’RE HAPPY OR PROUD OF ME!!  WHY?  But God forbid I don’t mention that you cleaned the floor.  Sorry you have to constantly feel the need to accuse me of cheating because you did!  Sorry for being 20 pounds overweight and not sticking to a workout plan.  Sorry for asking you to workout with me to help keep me motivated, and so we can do something together.  Sorry for not being good enough to do anything with at all.  Sorry you’re SO unhappy with me.

I’ve never said I was perfect. Yes I’m forgetful. Yes I put things off. And yes I make mistakes. Must be hard being perfect all the time to have to deal with me.  Sorry for being human.  All I want is to be loved and appreciated like I am to you, even when you’re being mean. You’re pushing me away. Literally.

image- ebruli