I’m Not Your F++king Punching Bag You Coward! Literally. I’m NOT!

When our fights are over I wake up to your “Good morning” texts, and fall asleep to your “Goodnight I love you babe” texts. I forget what and who you are sometimes, and then when we hang, you get loud and angry with me. One time when we were hanging out with friends, you decided to go off on me, and you hit me!!! You f**king hit me, and your stupid friends did nothing but laugh. Thinking it was funny; you hit me again while laughing. I came home with a split-swollen lip and single.

You know, it’s not my fking fault your mom’s a whore who’s probably going to die sooner or later from all the crack she takes. And it’s not my fault your dad comes home once in a while and sometimes hits you. And yes I’m sorry for that, I am, and I do love you. But dammit, I’m not a fking punching bag to let out your frustration and then apologize the next day with flowers or chocolates. Because those are temporary, just like you are in my life.

image- JoeHart42