I’m Petrified That You’ll Die Young. Get Help For Your Addiction Baby.

You’re so perfect. You’re the perfect father, the perfect husband, the best lover, a hard worker, a kind heart, and you’re just an overall amazing person.  But your addiction is killing you. I need you. I want to get old with you, see our kids off to college and weddings, and hold our grandbabies together. We can’t do any of that if your liver fails at 40.

I’m scared to live without you. You’re my best friend, and I’m okay with being selfish on this.  I know it’s hard. I’ll hold your hand the whole way, but you have to want to take the first step.  Please baby. The world doesn’t have enough men like you to the point where you’re disposable. You’re the greatest man walking this planet. Please let us keep you here as long as we can.

image- dadblunders