I’m Preggo W/ Your Son & You’re Already A Deadbeat Dad. H*e @ss Bum B*tch.


We were never in a relationship. We never were a couple. I get that! But, later down the line I got pregnant! That’s when things went downhill. How could that one day that was supposed to make me extremely happy, make me feel like sh*t? Your actions are so f**ked up. The way you treated me was f**ked up. How dare you disrespect me on numerous occasions and expect me to act like things are cool? I don’t wanna hear “sorry.” I don’t wanna hear none of your sorry ass excuses!

You’re a f**king deadbeat already! You missed the very first doctor’s appointment talking about you were getting gas! That’s something that could’ve waited! Now you’re growing speculation about me being pregnant! Who’s f**king fault is that?! You messed up something so good. You pushed me to act like a crazy @ss b*tch towards you! I see you talking to different b*tches. Taking advantage of the fact that we’re not together. F**k you! Me and my son will be fine with or without you b*tch! That’s the only thing I gain happiness from! You f**king bum. You don’t care about nobody’s feelings but your own. You hoe. Ugghhh, I f**king hate you! STUPID B*TCH.

image: sari_dennise