I’m Pregnant With His Child

Sometimes you don’t intend to be the other woman, things just kind of happen unexpectedly, emotions get involved, then boom.  Yes, I think you are a cool person and you’ve never done anything to me, but I’m in love with your man.  The way he makes me smile, the way he holds me, the way he kisses me.  I love everything about him.  See, I gave up on relationships because I know all mean cheat, including yours.  I respect his honesty, because not only is he cheating on you with me, there are several others too.  I’ve tried to let him go, but I can’t.  I don’t think you would have any idea it was me.  I know he loves me too.  The way he looks into my eyes when we make love.  It’s so intense I have to look away.  I never meant to hurt you.  Fate just put him in my path, and now I’m pregnant with his child….sorry.

image- Sunset Sailor