I’m Prepping For Another Giftless Valentine’s Day Because You’re A Cheap @sshole.

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I hate the fact that you are so cheap and self-centered. We have been together for over five years (broke up twice for short periods of time). In that time you have never once bought me a birthday present, Valentine’s Day present, Christmas present, or anniversary present. All because you are CHEAP. You claim that you don’t need gifts to prove your love for me. Wrong. It wouldn’t hurt once in a great while. You’d rather go spend your money on an RC plane/helicopter than buy something for me or your own daughter (not ours in common). Your daughter wears nothing but secondhand clothing and shoes while you buy $300 RC gadgets. Seriously? You only take me out (on occasion) to eat because you have to stuff your face, not because you’re being nice to me. I’m so tired of you being cheap. You won’t even write, “I love you,” on a Post-it note. @sshole. Waiting for my disappointing Valentine’s Day.

image: burlington_rc