I’m So Embarrassed By You Dumb Ninja Turtle Looking Ghetto Black B*t*h*s!


I’m so tired of you dumb ghetto b*t*h*s. It’s embarrassing to me as a black woman to see you acting like such fools. Yes, you with all your damn tattoos and rainbow colored hair, yelling and cussing at your kids and talking loudly. Yes, you with the killer clown hairdo and the ashy complexion from smoking weed all day. Yes, you with the stupid look on your face because you’re ready to start trouble everywhere you go. Yes, you with all of the family members that have nicknames like BooBoo and DaeDae. Yes, you who puts all of your business on social media knowing that you aren’t going to bust a grape. Yes, you at almost 40 years old, still at the club with purple eyeshadow on, while your daughter watches your kids. I can’t stand you dumb ninja turtle looking ghetto b*t*h*s!

image: BAPS