I’m So Hurt By You And Your Trifling Ways. You Led Me On. Just Go.


I’m tired of feeling used. You promised me that you meant what you said when you said you loved me. We talked about a future and having kids. I begged you to not lead me on. To just be honest with me. Now you barely talk to me when I touch you, even when I touch you accidentally. You act like I have the plague, and it hurts deeply. After last night, I can see that you’d rather talk to her. Well, good luck with that. Guess you’d rather have someone who has and will f**k anyone, married or not, instead of someone who always puts you first. And who has tried to support you and build your self-esteem, by showing you how handsome and how special you are. Hope she doesn’t give you anything she gets from the other men she f**ks.

image: unchose