I’m So Jealous

I have been in a great relationship for a couple of years now.  He couldn’t be any more perfect for me.  He’s sweet, cares about me, and is just the best.  I have a huge problem because my family is having a hard time with money, and I’m not used to it because I’m used to having everything I want.  He on the other hand is really rich, and he has the perfect life.  His family is the best, they never have money issues, always have family time, and just have a happy life.  Every time they get something or are having a good time being happy, I can’t help but be a b**** to him because I’m so jealous.  I know it’s wrong, but my family is breaking apart and his is perfect.  It’s so hard to be with him without being jealous, and I don’t know how to get over it.

image- aka Kath