I’m So Over My Musty, Alcoholic, Abusive, Freeloading BIL. F**king Scumbag.


I really despise my brother-in-law. Me and my husband have been helping my mother-in-law out for the past few years because my obnoxious BIL refuses to work or contribute. He’s perfectly capable of working, but likes the idea of being a freeloader. We help her pay the bills, we replace household appliances, and we bring food into the home. He does absolutely nothing but lay around the house, and he refuses to clean up after himself.

He leaves his dirty socks around the house, and he leaves garbage lying around. He has major odor because he doesn’t wash himself too often. Then he turns around and verbally attacks my husband and I. On occasion he physically attacks my husband, but when my husband calls the cops, they won’t do anything to him because my MIL protects my loser BIL. He is her favorite, and she always takes up for him, even though me and my husband do the most for her.

My BIL is also a heavy drinker, and has an ego the size of a football field. However, his huge ego is hilarious because he has never had a real relationship (he is not a good looking guy), except for the relationship he had with his ex wife who is a professional prostitute. They have two kids that he never really took care of or supported. He is a nightmare. We are going house hunting. I can’t wait to get away from this scumbag.

image- robertstinnett