I’m Still In Love With My Middle School Crush. He’s Married W/ Kids. Awkward.

I’m still in love with my middle school crush. He ignores me when I walk into the room. I act like I don’t notice him. But when I have to look his way or am around, he acts like I don’t exist. But when I’m not looking or he thinks I’m not, he moves to where he can see me, and will keep his eyes on me. Basically creeping. Friends, family, past boyfriends, and his wife have noticed this. She dogs me out or just looks at me unemotionally. We have never done anything behind her back, so IDK why I get this look from her. I don’t even know her.

This has been going on since middle school and even now. He has a wife and kids, and I’m not about being a homewrecker. I respect his wife, kids, and myself. I ignore him as hard as I can. I’ll actually leave an event or room to avoid him. I don’t know what to do.  I’ve tried sex, drinking, and unemotional relationships. I’m completely lost in my situation. He once admitted he liked me. “Yeah, but back in middle school. She’s my first ex. If we were to do anything she would be sprung haha.” I overheard him and his best friend at a party. ): His actions say differently though. I’m so lost. Is he fuckin’ with my head? ):

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