I’m Tired Of Pretending You’re A Good Friend

So tired of pretending you are a good friend.  You never treated me like BFFs should.  I’ve always been there for you through it all, but when my life gets hard, and I need a friend, you’re nowhere around.  You tricked me into “dating” him when my then-boyfriend was doing me wrong, knowing the whole time that I was falling for him and that he was in a relationship.  You knew.  But instead of telling me, you wait until I’m pregnant and over it to tell me, bringing all those feelings back up.  I helped you when nobody cared.  Took care of your kid, and you won’t have anything to do with mine.  Now I’m supposed to act happy for you?  I can’t.  You’ve always abandoned me when a man comes along, putting our friendship to the side.  You’re wrong. And I’m over your fantasy world….

image- incase