It Hurts, But I Can No Longer Be There For You. You Made This Decision 4 Me. 4 Us.

I miss you. I wish things could of been different, but don’t call me when your happy world falls apart. I won’t be a shoulder to lean on. If you don’t want me in your happy life, I don’t want to be in the sad one. Friends and lovers don’t get to pick and choose being there only when it’s convenient. It’s a thing; you’re in or out. You chose out. So don’t bother trying to opt-in when you want me out of convenience, to soothe your agony, because what you perceive as perfect now will one day fall apart.  And if you run to me, I will reject you on so many levels. What you think is unconditional from me, has become apathy for the way you treated me.  You can’t abuse the emotions of those who see through you. Who have known you the longest and clearly see the cycles. I won’t be there when you come full circle.

image- Tony Armstrong [The Personal Account]