I’ve Endured Much Hardship, But I Kept The Faith, And Now I’m Going To College!

I’m 17 about to be 18. I grew up living with my grandparents until the age of 13. My mom was never really around, and my dad did not know I was his to be honest. But growing up was rough. My brothers called me a b+st+rd. Said I was the Subway baby (because my dad was unknown). I was the only blonde and always asked if I was adopted. When my grandma and grandpa passed, my mom said I drove them to their graves. I was the one who had to do CPR on my grandma dammit! How could she blame me?

I was a bad kid a lot. Didn’t want to go to school and got in fights, but that’s because I was trying to get my mother’s attention. My mom ended up with custody. I was raped at 13 and a half. My mom said it was my fault. That I wanted it. That I was bragging about “getting d+ck.” Those were her exact words! It still tears me up deep down. My dad found my mom on FB and got a DNA test done on Steve Wilkos. HE WAS THE FATHER! IT WAS PRACTICALLY HEAVEN SENT! I WAS SENT A SAVIOR! They got married, but my mom started cheating. She drugged my dad’s wine and called the cops saying he was trying to overdose. I WITNESSED WHAT SHE DID!

My mom kicked me out (After she got my $46,000 and was getting my check every month!). She started asking me to sell pills so my little sister could eat. I did. I love my little sister. I hope she’s ok to this day. Besides all the hardships, I now live with my wonderful dad and little brother Ronnie. I have all A’s with a report card to show for it. I’m graduating (like my mom said I never would), and I am going to college! Remember who you are. And never lose faith. There is always a fighting chance (smile)!

image- Ryan Tansey