Keep Stalking My Facebook. It’s Where You’ll Find This Vent Letter You Leeches!

I’ve taken care of your dying mother, so she got a break from your abuse. I’ve fed your children when you are going out to eat for every meal and leaving the kitchen empty for them. I’ve dropped everything to take care of your needs numerous times. I’ve watched you talk sh_t about everyone you know, when you are the ones that leech off of anyone you can. You cry poverty but make 4x what I do, yet your bills never get paid, and you are more than willing to accept my help. You’ve never once paid me back, helped me out, or done anything any decent appreciative person would do. Now you won’t honor our trade. That’s the last straw. You’re dead to me. Keep stalking my Facebook. It’s where you’ll read this. Assholes.

image- stepnout