Lying, Deceit, And Playing Games W/ Family Is So Uncool. Good Riddance “Fam.”

I really do not appreciate the constant stream of lies you’ve told while down here. Especially after we opened up our home to you and have done nothing but try and help you.  You need to get a grip on reality.  And realize these games you play will not get you anywhere in this life.  You have been very deceitful. And family does not do that to each other in my book!  It’s not okay the way you have misconstrued everything, and it’s really unfortunate that you feel the need to act like this.  My heart is very hurt by what you have done, and although I may not fully understand why you did it, I’m still very disappointed in the way you conducted yourself.  You really need to take a step back and evaluate your actions, especially when they directly affect other people’s lives. Just not cool.

image- Incase