Mike Brown’s Murder Is A Tragedy. But It’s A Human Tragedy, Not A Race Tragedy.

The incident in Ferguson was a tragedy. Any time someone dies there is another person mourning them. I am a 27-year-old white female, and I was not raised to be racist. To be frank, I never knew African Americans were different. Sure, the color difference. But the thought never occurred to me until I started learning about slavery in school. Call me naive, but why can’t differences be accepted and tolerated?

A white cop shot a black man. This is sad on many levels, but the first people to scream “racism” were African Americans. I feel no white pride. I do not think the white race is better than any other. I do think that there are some African Americans that are entitled, and do not wish to move forward with the times and leave history in the past. Every single chance they get; they will find a reason to make it a black and white issue. Why can’t it just be a person-to-person issue?

Colors need to stop being seen, excuses need to stop being made, stigmas need to disappear, and people need to start acting like humans. Not animals. The riots in Ferguson did NOTHING to help prove a point, and I believe that if they had found Officer Darren guilty, they would’ve still rioted. It’s 2014. Time to set the right example for our children, and pave the road for a better tomorrow. I know this is wishful thinking, but something has got to give.

We are not doing ourselves or our future families any favors by acting like a bunch of out of control assholes who made this a race issues.

image- Please! Don’t Smile.