Mom: I’m “Disgusting” And Should Die Because I’m Bi? You’re So Evil.

Things have gone downhill ever since you found out I was bisexual. You said you still loved me, yet you didn’t want to take me anywhere with you after my revelation. For the first two years I accepted it for what it was. But then I brought my boyfriend home, and after I introduced you to him, you put me out. You told me I was “disgusting,” that you wished you had aborted me, and that I was a mistake. Your words really hurt me.  Your words hurt me so f**king bad that I cried on his shoulder for two months. Every morning I woke up, and every time I went to sleep, I cried. But I got over it.

When you wanted to come back into my life, I let you in, but your reentrance was only a means to fking tear me down. You were the only person besides my boyfriend that I came out to, and you outed me. You outed me on my birthday in front of friends and family.  And they ridiculed me. They told me I was wrong, that God hated me, and that I’d be going to hell. And you…you fking acted as if you never knew me…you horrible, vindictive, b**ch you. The one person I counted on let me down. Mother, this hurts so badly because you’d always stand up for me. You endured the brunt of dad’s beatings for me, just to turn around and tell me that you wished that I were dead. The only thing that’s keeping me anchored to this world is Nathan. Without him I don’t think I’d be able to exist.

image- nathanmac87