Mom, Stop Mooching Off Me! You Deadbeat! I’m Broke As Hell As It Is!


You’re my mom. I thought you were supposed to love and support me. Little did I know that you had other plans. When I called you in a panic trying to escape a life-threating abusive relationship, you offered your couch to my children and myself. I was so grateful that I even paid rent and contributed to household bills for that sofa. Then, only a short time later, after I managed to find a job in a new state and scrounge up enough money to move out, you decided to quit your job to come and live with me, knowing that I’m receiving no child support and that I am struggling to make ends meet. I have been trying so hard to save money so that I can go back to school to make our lives better, but you make everything harder. I’m tired of always feeling like my accomplishments mean nothing to you, because you continuously ask and/or guilt me into giving you things. I have nothing, so please quit taking from me!

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